Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day In Pictures

Miss Cottage, The Boy & I on Christmas day.

Empty Advent calendar

Beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree

"New" vintage dog which was a gift from dear Mrs Custard, with friend, both bedecked with Miss Cottage's pom-poms!

Stairs decked with lovely cards from near & far.

Paper chains in the kitchen

More pom-poms

Even the Aga has a few reindeer friends....

Table set with festive finery & the best cutlery which only comes out a few times a year as it has to be polished & hand washed!

Mmmmmm....sherry trifle...

Peeling the vegetables

Yorkshire puddings before...

...and after!

Homemade nut roast

The potatoes & vegetables are ready!

The roast beast (or two)

A plate full of deliciousness

A Christmas hug!

Hope you all had as enjoyable & peaceful day as we did in the Cottage!


  1. What a lovely Christmas you had all looks lovely and delicious.

  2. oh, this post was cruel, just cruel! I ADORE yorkshire pudding! what's nut roast? love Miss Cottage's pom-poms - they seem to be all the rage now! If I could find some yarn I might make some myself :-) That's one of the few things I have NOT collected over my lifetime, but maybe now I have an excuse to start! Explain your peeler to me - in the carrot picture. LOVE love LOVE trifle. It's one my holiday stand-bys when I'm actually doing a holiday meal for, you know, people :-) It would be lost on The Child. Your new vintage dog is DARLING...and those CHILDREN are not children anymore! What a delightful family :-) Merry Christmas to you and them xoxo Bettye

  3. Gorgeous photos, and what a lovely Christmas!! I have missed your lovely posts since I have been away, and am so glad to be back in blogland. I hope you will visit soon and catch up, so glad to still be a follower of yours!!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. What lovely photo's, the food looks good but no turkey? It the only time I have it as OH hates it, it wouldn't be Christmas without turkey sandwiches..(for a week!) Can't believe it over already, back to work for me tomorrow :( Hope you got some great gifts, love the dog :)

  5. What a lovely Christmas you've had - the food looks absolutely delicious! I love your vintage dogs, they are gorgeous.

  6. Wow! What a fabulous Christmas day you had! The lunch looks superb.To get all that ready...AND take photos...AND blog about it as're amazing!
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


  7. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I love the picture of a Chrsitmas hug. We have a black cat and that looks like a picture that might have been taken at our house instead of yours.

  8. Your beautiful home looks like I always *think* ours will at the holidays -at least in my mind. The actual reality is nowhere even vaguely like it. We were lucky to get the tree up this year. Beautiful black kitty!

  9. Lovely pics - I hardly took any. Memory failing - age or alcohol, I wonder?

  10. I'm hungry all over again look at those photos of your delicious Christmas dinner!

    Victoria xx

  11. Hi there Jayne!
    That's such a lovely family photo!
    Hope you are having fun...BTW ...the Cadburys chocolate box with the horses on..I'll keep it for you.

  12. What a super Christmas Day you must have had. All very yummy!

    All good wishes for 2010.

    Sue x

  13. looks like you had a wonderful time! That christmas lunch looks yummy!!

  14. Your dinner looks delicious shall I send a plate down??? Good wishes for the coming new year Lucey xx

  15. YUM!

    It's been and gone so fast though, hasn't it?

  16. Beautiful blog....beautiful family! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  17. Your Christmas dinner looked really scrummy!! You looked like you all had a great day!!