Saturday, 5 December 2009

Reindeer Invasion

The Country Cottage Chic Christmas Decorating Frenzy has begun!

Mr C has been up into the wilds of the loft to retrieve all the trees & decorations (it doesn't seem that long ago since they were put back up there!)

We do seem to have a bit of a vintage reindeer problem though, as you can see in the picture above (click on it to enlarge).... we might need Santa to come & collect a few as they think this is a cosy Reindeer Retirement Home!

I'll be posting more photos soon.

Toby, of course, was exhausted just watching - it is so tiring being a guard dog!


  1. WOW Jayne, your reindeer collection is vast!!
    Have lots of fun decking the halls!

  2. I don't spy Rudolph ;)
    Your fireplace looks lovely and I LOVE your doggie garland, did you make it yourself?
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  3. Hi Jayne, like your festive background, and the reindeer of course - but Toby, oh he's a star!

  4. Toby looks very comfortable! Love your doggie garland and your new blog banner!
    rachel x

  5. I really love your reindeer stampede along the mantle! What an innocent little angel Toby looks lying there, have you got any wings for him? Jane xx

  6. I love the reindeer! They look so sweet up there! And of course, Toby probably needs a treat too! It is VERY hard work guarding the house and the reindeer...he must be on the lookout for hunters!

  7. wonderful festive treats and treasures! love the reindeer!! lovely posting as always x

  8. Caleb thinks Toby is doing a FINE job as guard. he couldn't have done better himself!

  9. OOh I just love vintage reindeers Jane, They look so kitsch and cute! P.s I was having a mooh in your webshop the other day and I do believe I have McTavish's long lost, blind balding brother living here! He belonged to my dad in the 1930's. Have fun with the Christmas decorating x Love that photo of Toby!

  10. I love your Bambis!! My nan used to collect them. I wish i had her whole collection - i inhereted one.

  11. Lovely :)
    How cute is Toby?? He looks how I feel! :)

  12. That is really gorgeous, I hope you don't get rid of any of them, they look so comfortable on that fireplace.

    CJ xx

  13. I love your reindeer invasion!

    Victoria x

  14. Hilarious! A vintage reindeer invasion! Well, I can think of far far worse things :-)

    I think they look gorgeous.

    Love Charlotte

  15. I love the vintage reindeers! Have a sweet day!