Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Festive Photos

Vintage decorations

Jolly red goodies

Toby in his Christmas jumper

Vintage Christmas cake decorations

The kitchen tree

The lounge tree - this one has all vintage glass decorations.

The mantlepiece with stockings awaiting filling (my mum made these).

Couldn't resist taking a photo of this animated unicorn at the grotto at the local garden centre. I want one!!


  1. You have some wonderful decorations

    Victoria xx

  2. Looks so festive! I love all the little deer along your mantle!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Just found your blog via Life on the East Coast's blog.

    Love the trees - another person who subscribes to the 'cluttered' look :)

    Is that a garland of Stanley's I see on the fireplace?

  4. You have some beautiful vintage decorations...and TOBY!.....I'm in love with you!!


  5. Looking really lovely and festive. I've been trying to find a reindeer - something I'm lacking in my decoration collection. Still one day!

  6. Love that vintage green bell decoration! One smart looking dog too. Did you watch "Nigella" the other night, she made Rocky Road cookies, piled them high and stuck vintage reindeer decorations all over them!!

  7. Hi Jayne,
    Your home is looking lovely, how I'd like some of those vintage cake decorations and the decoration in the top picture, I remember us having those when I was little (truly vintage then!) Best of all though, has to be that handsome chap Toby, what a sweetie! Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get to comment again...
    Hen xxx

  8. Toby looks very smart indeed!

  9. Hi there Jayne!
    Love all of your decorations!
    Hope you are all having a fab time!
    A very Happy Christmas
    xxx ;-)

  10. Lovely photos - Toby's a scene stealer and looks adorable in his festive red jumper! Have a lovely Christmas, Lesley

  11. Love Toby in his jumper :) We used to have the father Christmas dec's in the 1st picture....god does that make me vintage?!!!
    Lovely trees....mine now looks very small.
    Merry Christmas :)

  12. Oooooooooh! Those lovely decorations. I have secided to seek out vintage decoratons for next year. I shall see how I get on.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog! Please come again:)
    I love your decorations, especially the reindeer.
    When I have a mo I shall have a good read of your blog, especially looking out for springer spaniels!