Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Few More Decorations

Another vintage reindeer! I think this one is related to Bambi.

A Father Christmas that I bought many years ago in Amsterdam made by a Dutch artist.

A glass angel.

Uhoh! Another reindeer!

A lovely wooden angel that Miss Cottage bought for me last Christmas.
And a wooden Nutcracker standing guard on the fireplace!


  1. awwwww such beautiful decorations ;0) i especially love the wood angel- magical is christmas with all the tree up and decorations about- its like being a kid again ;0)

    merry christmas xxxx

  2. easy there, mrs cottage - you're putting some of us to shame! i'd really like to be decorated by the time The Child comes home from college later this week but...I don't know where to put anything! maybe I'll wrap some lights and garland around the tower of unpacked boxes and call it a day :-)

  3. All is bright!I wish I was as clever as you finding those wonderful vintage decs. Your feather tree looks really good too!Lovely header too Jayne!

    Love Sarah x

  4. i am sure that is rudolph's sister, so sweet

  5. Hello Jayne

    I love the little vintage reindeers. You have some lovely Christmas decorations. To think that a few years ago my Mother was sorting out through old Christmas decorations and I said she could give them away. What was I thinking of???
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  6. I love the reindeer - aren't they sweet. :-)

  7. I adore all of your vintage decorations, Jayne!
    I've been playing with my three little pipe cleaner men today...bending their arms and legs and giving them different poses..what a big kid I am!!
    Have fun ;-)

  8. Your new reindeer is lovely!

    Victoria xx

  9. ooh I love the vintage reindeers...don't see them like that anymore...


  10. Love all your decorations! The Father Christmas being my favourite!

  11. Hi Jayne, I lost your blog address before now I have found you again. I love your traditional christmas decorations. Julie.C

  12. Lovely decorations Jayne. I haven't even put the tree up yet, but always love bringing the 'tree treasures' down from the attic once a year and the memories they bring. BFN. Lesley