Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fair Fun

I can't believe that the fair is over again! Months of preparation, organising & advertising culminated in yet another successful event.
All the stall holders rolled down Chipping Sodbury high street bright & early & after many "hellos" from regular sellers & introductions to new ones, we all set to work to set up so we could open to the public on time.
At 10am I opened the front doors to an eager crowd & our very first visitor started off the day on a bright note by squealing "Oooh! I'm SO excited!".
Then it was all hands on deck as the day began.

As you can see from the photo below, there was quite an enthusiastic crowd of shoppers!

As always Michele & I are so grateful for the level of enthusiasm of our stall holders & the support & fabulous comments from our visitors.

Our tea room threesome did a stirling job once again keeping everyone supplied with tea, coffee & homemade cakes.

I have posted a a few photos of my stall here but if you'd like a virtual visit to admire all the stalls, please pop over to our Flickr group here

Just for fun - the shoes of choice of the day!
(Lizzie, Donna & me)

OK M, on to the next one..............


  1. Isn't it strange how the months of preparation seem to be over in a flash.. and already we are thinking about the next one. Must be in our blood now. It was a great day.. a day that left me utterly exhausted but thinking hard about November.. we need to talk!
    Thanks Jayne.. .. and your Miss Cottage & Co .. the best tea team in the west!

    Michele xx

  2. great photo's jayne! thanks for sharing- i must get to see the next fair ;0)x
    love the funky shoes x

  3. Hi Jayne and co.
    Just wanted to thankyou and congratulate you all for such a lovely fair.
    It was my first visit so I was completely bowled over by the lovelieness of it all.

    Also thanks to whoever made the pink cupcakes with mini eggs, they were lush!!

    Clare xx

  4. Thank you so much to you and your family for all the hard work and for making the fair such an utterly enjoyable experience for all concerned. x

  5. I will get there one day! I know I will!
    Julie xxxxx

  6. The more I read about your lovely fair the sadder I am that I live so far away (and don't drive into the bargain). It all looks fabulous and from comments I have read on other sites you created a hit again. Well done. One day!.....

  7. Brilliant day! Thank you all!!!! (love the shoe photo!!) xx

  8. Had a lovely day, well worth the journey. Still purring over the goodies that I treated myself to (and one or two for This'n'That as well). Thank you!
    Lesley X

  9. Glad you had a great day all the photos I have seen I feel like I have been there

  10. Aaahh it looks & sounds like a really lovely day. Had a look at all the fun photos on Flickr, they are all fab.

  11. What a fabulous day!!! I loved it, everyone worked so hard :)

  12. Thanks so much was wonderful as usual. Roll on Nov!!

  13. I couldn't make this one but have just sat and drooled over the slideshow.......... lovely stuff and congratulations on laying on such a wonderful event.

  14. Hi Jayne
    I really wish I could have been there, I WILL be at the textile fair, it looks like you all had a great day, I love the outfits!

  15. looks like you had a great turnout, well done and I love the shoes.

  16. Thank you Jayne for all your hard work in organising another great fair.

    I enjoyed looking through Mr. cottage's Flickr photos - didn't the cake stall look fab?!

    Have a restful week,
    Niki x

  17. It was a lovely day Jayne,'s to November :)

  18. it was such a good fair...wish i lived nearer so i could make all of them, but 3 hrs is quite a drive!!!

    i love my little Kate Greenway dancing girl money box i bought from you...its in my workroom ready to be filled up with coins...for little treats! x

  19. Another great success!

    Victoria xx

  20. It looks wonderful! I hope to visit some day...