Friday, 14 May 2010

Shop Update

With all the excitement of the V&H Fair my shop has been a bit neglected & the shelves were looking a little bare, so this week I have been busily restocking. I thought I'd post a few photos here to show you some of the latest offerings at Country Cottage Chic

China dogs in The Doghouse

Noddy egg cup in Kitchenalia

Victorian religious print in Pictures & Prints

Wooden doll in Second Childhood

And the Library shelves are starting to fill up too!

Finally, The Potting Shed has some useful gardening books.

Hope you'll pop in for a browse!


  1. I like your new header, and I will be keeping an eye on the store if this is a sample of what you have.

  2. Lovely things, my favourite is the dog tin. I have a cat one that a friend gave me, it's really rusty & makes me feel funny I when I touch it :( It on the top shelf now out the way! :)

  3. More lovely things! Have my eye on one item, I expect you can guess what.......but it will hae to wait till the end of the week now, so I will be checking in for it then
    Julie xxxxx

  4. I love everything! I especially love the tins, I have a bit of a thing for tins.... I use them to store all kinds of things!

  5. I love those vintage tins - always on the look out for those at car boots but never any luck!

  6. What lovely things - I believe I have that egg cup some where in the attic

  7. I love the tins too.The ducks and ducklings one is my favourite.

    Bellaboo :0)