Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ice Cream Dreams

Is there anything more synonymous with summer than ice cream? Whether it be soft serve from an ice cream van with a flake, a bowl of jelly & ice cream or a scoop of Ben & Jerry's, it's a real treat whether we are a year old or 100!
Last month I was contacted by Homes & Antiques magazine as they were looking for ice cream related items for an article in their June issue about ice cream collectables.

As I generally have something related to everything (or lots of stuff!) I was able to lend them a selection of pretty coloured glass bowls, spoons & a vintage ice cream scoop, all of which appeared in the article. I received my copy of H&A yesterday so I thought I'd share the pictures here.

All of these items have just been listed in my shop this week (in The Old China Shop Glassware section & Kitchenalia) along with other lovely things, so if you're looking for a bit of summer on this rainy day why not pop in & have a look?

Click on the pictures to enlarge.....


  1. How lovely, I saw those piccies yesterday in my copy of H&A, and I thought what a pretty collection they are. :) xxx

  2. That's it, I'm off to make jelly! Lovely dishes and things, Jayne, hope the plug in H&A proves fruitful (ha ha). I've been really impressed by H&A mag recently, I think Happy's home is in there this month?
    Hen x

  3. Lovely things! My mum has a set of those spoons in a velvet lined case. I remember them coming out at Christmas and special occasions and eating jelly and icecream with them.

  4. Ah the jelly and ice-cream I never had a chance to eat!! X x

  5. I look forward to seeing this article when I get my copy of the mag. They did ask me if I had anything in the textile line for this theme.. but I drew a blank (despite having a LOT of textiles to choose from!!!) xx

  6. Love these ice-cream and sundae dishes ( I have a collection of the fluted ones which remind me of my 50s childhood). Will look out for the pics of yours in my copy of H&A.

    Thanks for your kind (and sympathetic) comment on my blog. In which country do your mum and sister live I wonder? Or are you an ex-pat yourself?

  7. What a lovely collection! I have been looking to start collecting glass and you have inspired me to get on with it!

    Sadie at Flea xxx

  8. What a great achievement!
    Specially since there`s so much websites these days!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!


  9. What gorgeous vintage bowls!!! Love the shell spoon too!!

  10. Love the old fashioned glass ice cream dishes - reminds me of some my grandma had - Natalie x

  11. Mum gets the H and A mag,so I will have a look at her copy.Ice cream tastes so much nicer out of a beautiful vintage dish,and yours are lovely!

    Bellaboo ;0)