Friday, 11 September 2009


I have mixed up the order in which we visted various places as we went to Cannes before Lisbon...oh well, here are the photos anyway!

Cannes was lovely - we had to transfer from the ship to the shore by tender boat & even the boat crew were super cool!

We happened upon this fabulous fruit, veg & flower market by wandering around the back streets instead of the main road where all the high end boutiques are located - I wish it was near me so I could shop there!

It was a Saturday & there was a fleamarket - I was really pleased until I saw the prices!!
Things like costume jewllery brooches that we'd pay £5.00 for were marked at 80 euros, so I contented myself with window shopping.

Of course there were many luxury boats & very glamorous people to be seen.


  1. How lovely - the fruit and veg market looks so inviting!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Jayne,
    We visited Cannes on our cruise last year, Your photos are fab, they have brought back lots of gorgeous memories.
    The Fruit & Veg market is wonderful is'nt it.x

  3. Great photos. Cannes is lovely and very glam! I went there many years ago, travelling there from Italy for the day.
    Looks like you have had a wonderful time.

  4. It looks stunning! It's always been somewhere I'd like to visit. have a good weekend

  5. Cannes looks stunning apart from the flea market prices!! he he!! fliss xx