Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Duck Or Chicken?

I thought I'd give you a little break from holiday photos .....don't want to be too much of a bore.
Look who I found having a little swim in our pond!
She is an escapee from the free range chicken farm next door - they have taken to coming through the hedge & visiting our garden. The pond has a lot of pond weed so it obviously held her up. This is how we acquired our beloved hen who we called Duck as we fished her out of the pond too, but she stayed on as they were going off for slaughter. She is still with us & must be about 5 or 6 years old now.

This one was rescued & sent back home uttering a few annoyed clucks!


  1. Cheeky chook ..... our Ginger keeps making a bid for freedom and going into next door's garden .... reminds me of the Chicken Run film which is one of my favourites.

  2. How Funny!I've never thought about whether chickens could swim! Enjoyed your holiday photos.
    Rachel x

  3. What a great photo! - I never tire of people's holiday snaps!

  4. Aww! We get feathers and clucks floating over the stream from our neighbours' free range farm, but we've never actually had any visitors! Katie (pronounced Catty) our neighbour sells birds and eggs at the market every Tuesday - really, I should add buying her eggs to my Rentree Resolutions, shouldn't I?

  5. Chicken soup comes to mind!
    Glad you managed to fish her out of the pond.. a happy ending!

    Michele xx

  6. I have looked at this photo several times. Just not something you ever expect to see. I mentioned it to my other half and he said that maybe we never put chickens near that much water so never get to see them swim. (Ours have an old preserving pan to drink water from). Do you think it saw a mass of pondweed and mistook it for grass or some other solid surface..... fascinating!

  7. What a great photo! We once had an old brown hen who adopted some ducklings and tried to teach them to scrabble around for grain - difficult to do with webbed feet!