Monday, 7 September 2009

Livorno (Italy)

Cruise ships stop at Livorno in Italy as it is half an hour's drive from Pisa & one & a half hours from Florence.
As we had been to Florence last time we opted for a boat tour of the waterways of Livorno. It was an interesting perspective & we were able to see the old buildings, bridges & statues along the canals.

We then had a little time in the town itself & I couldn't believe how much litter & grafitti there were. Of course we found time for a delicious ice cream while we were there!

This is the view of the harbour wall & lighthouse as we sailed away (there is one opposite too).


  1. Ahh the Italian ice creams! Our honeymoon was in Sardinia, wonderful place. The ice cream there was the best I have ever had. You cannot beat it! I loved the tiramisu one best.
    I treally like the last photo it has a nice feel about it.
    Isabelle x

  2. Isn't the ice cream fantastic in Italy. When I stay with my friends in Italy the campsite has an ice cream stand and we work our way through all the flavours during our holiday!

    Victoria xxx

  3. That ice cream looks delicious and the photo of the lighthouse is beautiful.
    Ann x

  4. Now I really am sat here with a green face, I love Italy! We are looking at flights at the moment too visit Italy again.

    We were surprised how much graffiti we saw on our first visit too Italy.

    Love Lou xxx

  5. Welcome Home. It's delightful to read your blog again. I caught up today and the pictures of your holiday are great fun. I was just saying how I would like to take a cruise in the Mediterranean. Thanks for sharing. And post as many travel photos as you want -- they never bore me!

  6. I've had ice-cream in Livorno too! So yummy...but I remember it melted so quickly, it was tricky to eat it fast enough! Katie x

  7. I LOVE Italy. Been there in 2006 and wish I could go back every year! The ice-creams are really to die for! Hummmmmmm!! :)

  8. Much as I love Italy.. it is such a shame to see it succumb to the 20th century disease of graffiti ... Now if it were a Banksy.. that would be different! It's hard to beat Italian ice-cream.. chocolate and hazelnut.. my favourite!

    Michele xx