Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The next stop on our cruise was Lisbon - it was also one of my favourites which is why I couldn't limit myself to just a few photos!

The first photo is of a memorial to the famous explorers of Portugal - it amazes me that these men set off without knowing if or what they might find or if they'd ever make it home again.

I was interested to be told that the Spanish & the Portugese decided to divide the world in half so they could expore & colonise their half without encroaching on each other.....who asked the rest of the world if they wanted to be divided up?

We visited the Maritime museum where they had a display of the royal barges which are very sumptuous & decorated in gold.

Our next stop was a church which apparently was the only building to survive an earthquake which flattened the rest of Lisbon centuries ago.

A view towards the sea & over the city.

Of course no visit to Lisbon is complete without a visit to a pastry shop for a few of their famous custard tarts (this one's for you Michele!)

There were a number of street entertainers including this man with a tiny dog sitting on a box!

On departing we sailed under this huge suspension bridge - it has a road on top & railway line underneath - it is huge but as you can see we were pretty close to it underneath - I wondered if a ship with 15 decks would fit underneath but it did (just!).

Our final view of Lisbon as we sailed away.......


  1. Always happy to hear you've gone on vacation, because it means I'll be going soon too through your photos.

  2. I would LOVE to visit Portugal, and Lisbon looks great! Fantastic photos.

  3. Well, I confess... I had no idea Lisbon was famous for custard tarts! Of course we all know who is your fave custard tart! HA! Oh that's made me laugh off the chair. Small things and small minds. I know. Hee hee!