Thursday, 12 November 2009

1 Day to go...

I'm getting excited! If you don't know why yet, well the wonderful Vintage & Handmade Fair is on Saturday & today I have been gathering goodies from all over the house - in bags & boxes, crates & plastic tubs, hoping I haven't forgotten anything & writing up "Do Not Forget" lists - well, we don't want to be without our sugar tongs for the sugar lumps, or the tablecloths for the tea tables do we? I have to remember the trays, teapots & the tea (coffee & hot chocolate too!), not to mention the bunting, banners & string.

I don't have any pretty pictures to show you of my stock as everything is packed - this pile is not even half of what I have to bring so I hope it will all fit on my stall! But you can probably spot a couple of pretty quilts, Christmas trees & baubles, games & toys, as well as a double basket filled with bags of vintage trinkets for stocking fillers.
I'll also be bringing vintage Christmas by the boxful, books, toys, tins, china, kitchenalia, vintage school pictures, linen, vintage calendars, ribbons, paper chains & more, all for your shopping pleasure!


  1. Good luck - hope you have a super day - unfortunately won't be able to visit myself!

  2. Have a WONDERFUL time and tell us all about it!

  3. Well I thought I had more than enough.. then I saw this!!
    Panic!! Really looking forward to seeing everyone again...Only two more sleeps now.. or two more lying awake and staring at the ceiling..

    See you soon.
    Michele x

  4. Good luck, hope you have a very sucesful day. Sorry but it is far too far for me to come - shame

  5. Oh I so wish I could go! I hope it all goes brilliantly.

    Mel xxx

  6. I'm getting excited for you! I can't wait til Saturday either...can't wait to see the photos I am SURE you are going to share with us!

  7. Ooh I'm stamping my foot as I can't visit this time, I'm selling at an event that i thought was next week! I'm sure it will all go wonderfully well as it's such an amazing event!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Rachel x

  8. Oooh what a heap!

    I wish I was coming, would be so lovely to meet some of you...

    Love Charlotte

  9. You sound more excited than I am, but you can't be as this is my first time! Take plenty of cakes as Michael will be first at the tea counter! I don't know how you can run a stall and a tearoom - you must be mad, or as I like to be called eccentric!

  10. Dear Jayne
    Much excitement indeed! Can't wait - I have my outfit organised already!!
    I'm so much looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all your glorious goodies - this is my first VH fair!
    Good luck with all your prep - remember to stop and drink tea or somesuch, today!
    Denise x