Thursday, 5 November 2009

Who's been sleeping in MY bed?

I'd barely been out of bed for 5 minutes this morning when squatters moved in - one of whom burrows under the duvet - his philosophy is that if he can't see me then I can't see him!

"Uhoh! She's seen what?
Look down at the bottom of the bed - I'm not the only one"

"I'm a cat...I'll do what I like!"

"Now that I've had a nap I'll make a nuisance of myself until I get my breakfast...
or I'll eat her mouse or that little Twitter bird on the screen!"


  1. Hehe! I love them!
    The picture really cheered me up!

  2. Ah, but such cute squatters!
    Rachel x

  3. It's that time of year, obviously - I've got some similar photos on my blog today. Yours are real cuties...

  4. Aww, cute. Your black cat looks so like mine! They always find the cosiest places, don't they?
    Hen x

  5. It's a organized plot - if I don't get up earlyenough, all 3 of my cats sit on top of me and push me out of bed -for no other reason than getting at my pillows and a comfy nap.
    Someday they will take over the world After naptime of course.

  6. With this weather?! (It is raining cats and dogs over here). They are just right, I think I will stay in bed too!

  7. Oh, they are so sweet ! Just received your gorgeous dog calendar that I purchased from your lovely shop and am so pleased with it.
    Ann x

  8. Impossible to resist those appealing eyes, and the cat quote is so true. One consolation I suppose, is that they didn't invade the bed when you were still in it! Have a good weekend. Lesley

  9. Just had to comment on this... what a fabulous post! Lovely...