Monday, 2 November 2009

Cross Country

Miss Cottage celebrated her birthday by taking part in Hunter Trials (cross country horse riding & jumping). We only took a few photos as you can see the first few jumps & the last but you couldn't keep up with them all the way around!

Can you spot the Halloween pumpkin in this one?
They had the 3rd fastest time so she was happy!

As an aside - did anyone else read the claim that the drug Ecstasy is no more dangerous than horse riding? I know which one I'd rather my daughter be doing!!


  1. I'm so glad Dylan is on here - having no pony and no prospects for one, we must live vicariously through you. And I love the twitter from Mr. Cottage about calling Aga Man - sounds like a Marvel Comic hero.

  2. Brilliant action shots.

    Sue xx

  3. Those photos bought back memories to when I used to do cross country - I loved it! Not sure my parents' were too happy though!

  4. How funny it's my eldests 8th birthday today too!

  5. congratulations Miss Cottage and I agree on the Ecstasy too, very well put

  6. I was away for the weekend and seem to have missed a lot over here. Good luck on preparing the fair, must be busy right now! I love your scotty dog banner and I'll check your shop when I have read all posts that I missed (about 3000 :-}. Congrats to Miss Cottage (2x), before I forget. Have a great day!

  7. That takes me back! I used to love horse riding from a very young age (4). I had absolutely no fear then and gave it all I had! I started to loose interest when I was 13.. I haven't been on a horse much since.
    Great action shots!
    Isabelle x