Saturday, 7 November 2009

O Christmas Tree

The goose feather tree was the first artificial Christmas tree and they were originally made in Germany. These trees were produced as a cottage industry as an alternative to cutting a live tree. Metal wire or sticks were covered with goose feathers. The feather sticks were then attached to a larger one to resemble the branches on a tree & the feathers were then dyed green to imitate pine needles. The bases were usually simple wooden squares which were painted. Later on, little red berries were added the ends of the branches.

These early trees have become highly desirable & collectable, especially amongst collectors of vintage decorations & those with period homes where these table top sized trees look perfectly at home.

For quite some time now I have been trying to find one, but unfortunately they always sell for more than I want to pay, so I started looking for a modern alternative. I have bought a couple of trees over the years but they never quite had the right look.
Until now! I was lucky enough to find & buy a really nice reproduction that has the authentic look without the vintage price tag!

I was able to secure 6 of these little trees - they stand 1.2m tall, have red berries on the end of their branches & are on a green painted base which I think I might decorate with vintage Christmas scraps.

As I only need one tree I am offering the other 5 at a very special price of just £25.00.
I haven't put them in my shop as yet & if anyone wants one who is coming to the Fair next Saturday I could bring it along then to save postage.

I'm looking forward to decorating mine with vintage decorations this Christmas.

Only 1 week to go until the Vintage & Handmade Fair!


  1. I love the tree, but are very short of cash, but lovley indeed. The people getting one will be very lucky indeed

  2. Seven more sleeps.............. ! Am I excited? Pop over to mine and see.... ha! ha!

  3. I always miss the plane on this one, and it breaks my heart! One day though, I'll be back and I will time it properly...I'll be dragging Kari with me!

  4. Good Luck with your Fair - wish could come!

  5. OOH Jayne, that tree is so lovely! you are absoloutely right it is hard to find something authentic looking and it is goung to be brilliant with all your treasures hanging from the branches.

    Have a brilliant weekend at the V & H, I am so sad to miss it,

    Sarah x