Saturday, 9 January 2010



  1. I love this!
    My kitty does all of that.....better watch my back!xx

  2. Little devils!
    Did you ever see 'Cats' at the theatre ? I loved it!

  3. Oh, that is so funny!
    Years ago, we had a cat (part Siamese) who loved to sleep by me at night. Ever so often, he would chomp down on my neck like a little feline vampire. I always joked that he was really plotting my demise ;-).

  4. That's fab, just love it - and all so true, of course!
    Hen x

  5. Love it! They're plotting to take over the world!
    Rachel x

  6. Oh dear...seems my life is in danger! Love your snowy photos by the way. Rebecca x

  7. Oh dear, I feel threatened...

    'It' is behind me as I type. Will it spot what I've been reading?

  8. Mine is probably going to repeat last night's "trick" and stay in all day until at least eleven o'clock tonight, miaow plaintively, scratch the bottom of the door to be "let out" and then have us up waiting until one in the morning fretting that it's "too cold" for him to be out. We will have left lights on outside for him, called, cajolled and even begged him to come in and then he will eventually saunter in demanding to be fed! Don't you just love them..?

  9. Thought as much! Our oldest cat when she was younger used to sit behind the sofa purring very loudly...Mr D always reckoned she was drilling a tunnel out or maybe to the hidden amunitions store?

  10. Hi Jayne. Yep, my 2 do all the above. But mainly they sleep. On the bed. All the time. Not sure what that means!

    Let me just brush off the cat fur from the keyboard...

    Zoe x

  11. We had a cat who would hang from the window frame outside,and stare at you until you let him in.(our flat was on the ground floor I hasten to add!)