Monday, 18 January 2010

Cheeky Chickens

My neighbour's chickens have discovered that I put seed down in the front garden for the wild birds & have taken to coming over for their breakfast. There is Daddy Cockerel & Junior Cockerel, the hens & one who is most decidedly not a chicken but thinks she is - a lady pheasant who moved in about 2 years ago as a young bird & is part of the flock now.

I took the photos through the window so they aren't as clear as they could be & my garden looks awful after everything was frosted up by the snow & cold weather. When it's gets a bit warmer I'll have to get out there & do some clearing.


  1. Who can resist a free meal! I hope the wild birds got a look in too!
    I was looking out of my window this morning at the carnage in my garden.. thinking just the same thing.. what a mess! I need to tidy it up.. shall add it to the list of 'Things to Do'...

    Michele x

  2. That's nice to see, but not nice for the garden birds who visit.

  3. Chickens are cheeky aren't they. I wouldn't worry about the garden, I'm sure that it doesn't look any worse than anyone else's. I don't know about you but I really can't face gardening in the wet or cold.


  4. Aww! What a welcoming sight, if there is one thing I like its animals having freedom to roam about happy. I guess it will be a regular visit for breakfast now. Julie.C

  5. My hens have taken up a guard duty underneath the hanging bird feeders and gobble up anything that gets dropped!

  6. I love cheeky chickens, mine are on gaurd outside the back door any one would think I didn't feed them.

    Louise x

  7. You're so lucky! I would LOVE to have neighbors whose chickens popped over for a visit!

  8. I would love to keep chickens and to go out in the morning and get those lovely fresh eggs for breakfast.They have some in the garden down the road and I love to hear the cockeral in the mornings.Same here regarding the state of the garden.Although... plants I thought would have died have surprisingly survived the freeze!


  9. How lovely to have a pheasant who thinks she is a hen ! My four stand under the bird table looking hopeful ! They also were very nosey visiting all the neighbours so I had to resort to clipping their wings as I thought they may cause an accident in the road.

    My garden looks awful too - and the hens have destroyed the grass so I'm starting a veggie plot which will be fenced off !

  10. You have to smile! Love the pheasant who thinks she's a chicken - probably has a lovely life as well! Bye for now, Lesley

  11. what a nice sight! i've always wanted chickens...

  12. I fancy keeping chickens!
    We have an old chicken coop at the bottom of the garden.It's falling to bits! So someone once kept chickens here.
    As for your garden..what a mess !! (joke) Mine looks far worse!
    Roll on gardening time!

  13. Hi Jayne!
    I love your pictures. I would love to have some hens in our garden, but I don't think that our cat would be very friendly to them...:)

  14. We're lucky to get anything but squirrels in our garden!!

    Victoria x

  15. You can hardly blame those chickens, they know exactly where there is a good meal to be had.
    I enjoy the idea that the wild pheasant hen is an equal partner in the eating...