Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wintery Day

This is the sight that met me at 7.00 am when I let the dogs out of the back door! We had a heavy snow fall overnight & the garden & fields were smothered in a blanket of white.
The Boy was delighted to find that his school was closed today (after only returning to school yesterday after the Christmas holidays!).
The snow made a pretty sight & the dogs were delighted. The cats & chickens on the other hand were decidedly underwhelmed!

It's almost a week into the new year already & I'm sure that many of you, like me, couldn't do without a calendar to keep track of day to day appointments, reminders & so on.
For the past couple of years I have used the really nice free calendars included with the January issue of Homes & Antiques magazine which have lovely photos & plenty of space for writing on.
At the end of the year they end up in the recycling box, but it seems that in years gone by some people hung on to their pretty calendars & I have been fortunate enough to find some to offer in my shop. I am always delighted when I come across this sort of thing as they were disposable items.

This perpetual calendar makes me think of the spring that is just around the corner (difficult to believe on a snowy day like today!)

The cute calendars below date from the 1920's & 30's when kittens, dogs & idyllic country scenes were very popular. All of these plus some others are available here.

Finally, don't forget to feed your garden birds as they will be struggling to find food in this winter wonderland. Our bossy blackbirds are hogging the treats today but the robins & the rest of the gang are holding their own!


  1. Yes, fed the birds first thing! Poor things!
    Love the calendars...and the poster!
    Keep warm ;-)

  2. Love the calendars! They are so beautiful that is hard to choose a favourite. I need to start my calendar too, but the problems is with the moving, I have no idea where it is!! LOL

  3. FEED the birds!
    Love the calendars

  4. Jayne
    Have just been on a wonderful journey catching up with all your posts. The childrens village party looked like such a wonderful event, the pics brought back memories of the childrens parties we used to have at the Fire Station on Christmas Day for all the children whose dads were working, something I haven't thought about for a long while now. Your Christmas Dinner pics are making me feel very hungry. Merry Winter.

  5. We are feeding flocks of sparrows over here in France at the moment! I have never seen so many monopolising our feeders - they must be the same ones who nest in our roof tiles all spring and summer. My dad says that sparrows have almost completely disappeared from the UK, and we should be grateful, but I wonder if they are scaring away the other birds?

    Other than that, Happy New Year and thanks for the charming post.

  6. What a wonderful collection of vintage calenders!I've just realised that I have forgotten to buy a diary for this year.You have just reminded me that I had a very nice calender from the Country Homes and Interiors magazine.Now where did I put it?I love to see the robin coming to the bird table.He looks so colourful against the snow.


  7. I would love to feed the birds but I don't want to bring them into my garden because of the cats. Mine are so old it would be ok but there's loads of other cats in the area :(
    I use a calendar on my PC to save paper, it's great!

  8. Lovely calendars!!

    Our snow has all turned to ice now and it is really dangerous! I love the fluffy white stuff but hate the ice!!