Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy Day

I know that most of us have been taking snowy pictures in the past few days but I had to post a few here to show you.

Mr Cottage & The Boy took the dogs out for a walk down the lane & took some photos.

As you can see, the dogs were having a ball!

This is the view from our upstairs window overlooking the farm.

This is our lane to the left of the house.

And to the right of the house - you can see why we stayed at home yesterday!

The garden hedge.

The patio furniture is covered in a blanket of snow.

This picture looks like a drawing - it was taken in one of the nearby fields.

The boy in an expanse of white.

King of the wall!

Walking back home (our house is where the car is)


  1. WOW!! That is some snow!!! Makes for gorgeous photos, but WOW!! You are truly snowed in!! Precious furbabies in the snow.
    Stay warm girlie
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Some lovely pics you have taken.Love to see the dogs having fun.Bella loves the snow.You look as snowed in as we are!Can't get the car out and the paths are to icy to walk on so just staying in and curling up by the fire.


  3. Oh it looks fab, you have loads more than us!
    Hen x

  4. Goodness I have never seen so much snow lovely pictures and what a view you have. I like your photo of the dogs, they do love it don't they. My bonnie is getting used to it now and is now trying to eat it, the snow is not as thick where I live. I am in the North west of England.
    Stay warm, best wishes Julie.C

  5. A beautiful Winter Wonderland!
    Keep cozy and warm!
    I'm back home from a snowy walk and doing a bit of knitting!
    Rachel x

  6. What a lot of snow!
    Great pictures, too.
    (Pop over to my blog to see my Springer Spaniel post - it was her birthday yesterday)

  7. I just love your pictures! I need to post some of the garden, but I will do that tomorrow when I post the pics of some corners of the house.

  8. Wonderful photos! It looks like such a wonderland, and I can see that the dogs had a fantastic time. We MAY have a bit of snow here at the weekend.

  9. It looks so lovely and the dogs look as if they've had loads of fun!

  10. Spectacular photos - that snow looks deep! We escaped yesterday in the far West, but tonight, a light dusting of snow has frozen on the road and pavements outside and it looks very slippery.

  11. Gorgeous pictures! We are getting a small amount of snow.....but nothing like you have! Enjoy!

  12. Happy New Year Jayne. I love all of your snowy piccies and your doggies look like they are having so much fun. I love to see them jumping around in the first Guy was a bit nervous, not for long though.
    Carol x