Monday, 11 January 2010

A Snowy Walk

The dogs & their antics in the snow never fail to amuse me! We took them for a bracing tramp across the fields yesterday to run off some of their pent up energy. Toby had to have his little jumper on as he doesn't have very much fur, unlike Lucy with her thick coat. Lucy was in her element - running at least 3 or 4 times further than everyone else, sniffing every interesting thing she could find, splashing through icy puddles & through snow drifts - she was soaking wet & didn't care one little bit. It's amazing how her coat just seems to repel the water so that by the time we got back she was just damp & only needed a rub down & dry off by the fire.

Bet you didn't know that Jack Russells could do hand stands did you?

Snowball catching champion of the world!

The sheep didn't look too happy but as they are wearing wool they should be quite cosy!

Here I am standing in the snow - you can see how deep it is & more heavy snow is forecast for tomorrow. The Boy went back to school today - they had been clearing around the school with a snow plough over the weekend but I don't know how long that will last if it snows again.

Why are people panic buying? The shelves at the supermarket looked decidedly bare on Friday - only skimmed milk available & I saw lots of people buying big bottles of water. There were no crumpets to have with my tea & no carrots - do you think rabbits & horses are stocking up?

Unlike the dogs, these two below are not at all charmed with the snow - I have to force them to go out for a bit!


  1. I love the pics of the dogs having a blast in the snow! :)
    I don't understand either why people have to go bananas and empty the shelves at the shops... Anyway, they might have their reasons to go a bit bonkers in this weather.
    Take care and keep warm.

  2. Don't I relate to the cats!!! I want to stay in!!!

  3. People versus supermarkets versus the media....creation = mayhem!!!

    Enjoy the snow....

  4. My Springer has been loving the snow too! But after a while the snow sticks to her leg hair and she ends up with enormous snowballs stuck to her, which are hard to remove - she leaves little icy puddles of melted snow all around the room!
    Ours is melting today - hooray!

  5. LOL! There were no carrots at the store because people are building snowmen. Your dogs sure do look like they are enjoying their romp! And the cats look right annoyed. :-)

  6. You've had a lot more snow than us..although it is supposedly coming our way again tomorrow!!
    Goodness knows why people panic buy. Once the papers stated that people were panic buying,that made it worse!
    Have fun!

  7. Great pics, my mini schnauzer loves the snow too!

  8. Hi Jayne, this panic buying in the shops is crazy isn't it, you cannot believe that people don't have store cupboards of things to eat! Lizzie x
    PS My cats are hating the snow too!!!!

  9. Oh...I just love those pics of the dogs...really made me smile!
    Went to Sainsbury's on was mad!


  10. I love the action shots of your dogs they look like they are having so much fun. My dog is decidedly unimpressed by the snow. I don't get the panic buying, people do behave in strange ways.
    Ann x

  11. Love these pet pics! Toby's adorable in his little red jumper. And as for the cats - they don't need words, do they? Bfn. Lesley

  12. whee, what fun they're having! the dogs, not so much the cats :-) Caleb is certainly impressed w Lucy's aerial snowball-catching feats!

  13. Toby looks very swish in that little number, clever boy doing the handstand. If looks could kill, those cats would have had you laid out on the floor they do NOT look like they want to be out! Hope you dont have too much more snow tomorrow. Jane xx

  14. Lovely photo's but I think they say it all....dogs are stupid, cats are not!!!!!
    I'm hoping for more snow but it's been raining here & it's all washed away :(

  15. wow, what lovely snow!!
    we have alot of heat here, wish I was there ♥

  16. I had a wee computer issue today. I went in to change something in my blog profile and I ended up changing the wrong thing and I think I may have severed all connections I had - links and blog followers and that sort of thing. I still want to be your blog friend. If you still want to follow me, you may have to redo it. I learn everything on the computer through trial and error and this was one big error! Sorry about that.
    -Gayle (GardenofDaisies)

  17. Gosh, it looks like your dogs enjoyed the snow far more than the rest of us, lucky them!!! Thanks for popping by my blog :)