Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sustain on Saturday

This morning Mr Cottage, The Boy & I drove over to Stroud to visit the "Sustain" exhibition.
Lovely Annie of A Saucerful of Secrets fame was there with her wonderful felted animal dolls - such a fabulous feel of whimsy & creativity. I particularly fell in love with her charming pug.

There were other exhibitors of course, but I didn't want to take photos without permission. Annie was happy for me to snap away (with the phone camera as I hadn't taken a camera with me).

Annie will be bringing her fantabulous menagerie & other delights to the Vintage & Handmade Fair next's exactly 4 Saturdays from today!

In the meantime you can see more of her work at The Little Wren House Factory.


  1. Wonderful work, I'm looking forward to seeing for myself at the V & HM.

  2. I went over to The Little Wren House Factory to have a peep, and my, oh my, what beautiful work. What a wealth of talent out there. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Gorgeous!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog when I was ill...very much appreciated!

    See you soon!
    Love,Sal ;-)

  4. Love the pug! Can't believe it's only 4 saturdays away, such a shame I can't come :( but this means my fair is only 3 weeks away.....oohhh no!!
    I've just done a post with the big knit results. Thanks for joining in, I could hear your bell going as I was taking the parcel to the post!

  5. Oh beat me to it Jayne!
    I think we arrived just after you had left. Fabulous exhibition wasn't it!
    All that talent in one room.. my favourite artists.. Annie, Cleo Mussi, Julie Arkell and my Edwina Bridgeman..
    I can't wait to see Annie's characters at our fair next month.

    Michele x

  6. it was a great exhibition jo and i went on friday - lucky you to be able to take some photos for the blog annie refused us which was a shame! looking forward to the vh fair!

  7. Those animal dolls are so cute, quirky and clever, I love them.

    Miss Cottage (previous post) is very clever too, especially like the tea cosies and her use of bright, punchy colours!