Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thrifty Gift Wrap

Miss Cottage has a birthday coming up soon.

"Oh no!" I hear you gasp in disbelief, "you can't possibly have a 20 year old daughter!" ;-)

Well, it seems it happens to us all, but I digress.....

We both like to think of imaginative ways to present or wrap our gifts, so this year I have used pages from an old girl's annual to wrap this gift. I use vintage, falling apart annuals to make my recycled envelopes so always have some lying about.

As the pages are not very big I stuck two together first & then wrapped it, adding some brown ric-rac braid instead of ribbon & made a matching gift tag. The wrapping has cost me nothing but I think it's quite nifty...and thrifty!


  1. That looks really sweet! Very clever you! :)

  2. You already inspired me: when Michele won my give away I tucked an envelope with cowboys and indians, filled with ephemera, in her parcel. The tags are a great idea too, makes it even more special, thanks for inspiration!

  3. Wrapping that's imaginative, looks good and is reused and recycled too. Well done! Lesley

  4. Looks great!

    I like using newspaper for my mum's presents – particularly the NY Times which works great for her as she loves NY.


  5. What a fab idea, a great way to recycle and it looks so good too.
    Yvonne x

  6. Love it! very effective, Lizzie xx

  7. Great idea. I don't buy wrapping paper, I use free papers etc. One year OH had his gifts wrapped in a Lidl romantic!!! :)

  8. Very stylish, and I love the seasonal colours.....

  9. What a fabulous idea! The parcel looks gorgeous. I hope Miss Cottage has a lovely birthday. Katie x

  10. I remember when we wrapped my Grandfather's gifts in the Sunday comics just so he had an excuse to read them to us. How delightful! Happy 20th to Miss Cottage!
    BTW you could pass for her sister!